Sunday, November 29, 2009


As I wind down from the Thanksgiving holiday I am finishing up classes, finishing up our epilepsy awareness month and preparing for our adventure through Advent. I am making the little slips of paper to stuff into our advent house. Each one has a thing to do such as baking cookies, making Christmas cards, making a craft etc. We will do one for each day of the month and so I need to make sure that I coordinate the right activity for the right day based on our current schedule.

Today we started off our Christmas traditions with the first ornament placements on our tree. Each year each member of our family gets a special ornament that reflects something that they loved, or said, or did from that year. We write the owner's name on it and the year that they receive it so that when my children leave my nest, they will take with them a treasure box full of ornaments to place on their very own tree.

I got all hand-blown ornaments. These ornaments are so much fun and usually so expensive but (insert the name of the famous mid-west craft store here) had 75% off of their ornaments and so I mulled over the rows and rows of ornaments until I found the very perfect one for each family member! Usually we pick them out together but this year I did it alone and gave them as gifts to commence the festivities. They family actually liked this more as did I. I think we have found a new tradition! So here is a description of what each person got, I will put up pictures of each one holding their ornament tomorrow. Without further adieu ...drum roll please....

Aidan got a rooster. He loves chickens and would love to keep chickens and take care of them, collecting their eggs each morning. He first fell in love with this idea at my dear friend Deanna's house. I hope to own some chickens for him when we own our first home!

Avagrace got a precious blue bird. Dainty, beautiful, and so glittery. However, the bluebird was our one casualty from store to home and so I will need to replace her ornament. Perhaps I will allow her to pick hers out now? Not sure. She is my bird, Ava means bird.

Violet (whose ornament was picked first this year so she got to place the first ornament onto the tree!) was a purple fish that was "all sparkly and purple!" She loves fishies and purple.

Breya got this adorable red (of course) octopus with a boa and a 'bow-tie" she loves anything red and loves bow-ties (aka hair bows).

Liam got a green alligator with a red bow rapped around it. He loves his Animalz alligator and gorilla but since green is his favorite color I went with an alligator. He loved it and tried to eat it, hahaha.

Daddy got a Black Hawk helicopter. He loves helicopters, the Apache is his favorite but his favorite movie is Black Hawk Down, so it works!

I got a lovely peacock. Bet you didn't know I love peacocks did you! :)

I will post pics tomorrow, what traditions do you carry out over the Christmas holiday?

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