Friday, October 16, 2009

Race to kill the microbes

That title is just for you frosty! So the flu is subsiding! We have drank our way through three CASES of Gatorade, 1 CASE of vitamin water and copious amounts of water! Only one fever left and it is due to break at any moment! It couldn't have come at a better time really. We have church directory pics tomorrow and we all know or can imagine how I get at picture time (CRAZY!) I will promise to behave and share as soon as we can! Other than that, I will be spending my weekend killing every single microbe that I can reach. This house is on overhaul...again!

In other news. I start classes this week. YUP I am crazy, but again we already knew that! I am preparing for life as a masters student. Not quite enrolled in my program yet, but getting my feet wet with three quick online semesters. Priming the pump so-to-speak! I am excited. They are professional development class in writing, with authors! I also signed up for a few photography, web design, and GRE prep courses. Oh and there are a few business ones in there too! A well-rounded attempt at school as a mom of five! Only two more than when I should be a breeze right? Although, never have I home schooled and been a military wife while a mom in again we will see. Have a lovely weekend all!

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