Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Breya Bug

My highlight of a very dreary, very frustrating day with children who want to go out and play and a mom that wants to take them out to play was a bathroom scene. That is right, a bathroom scene. This coming from a mom who does not enjoy potty humor and who is disgusted at even the thought of the bathroom that my children spend sooooooooo much time in each day! Well today, during lunch Breya used a common stall tactic in our house. "Mommy I have to go poo-poo" well it surprised me because Breya is not yet potty trained. I knew it was a stall tactic because she is the queen of not eating and Violet is the queen of needing to go potty during a meal, unfortunately she has given Breya more excuses to not eat and so today it started...or so I thought. I gladly got up and guided her to the potty. She sat on it and immediately started to pee. "YEAH BREYA!!!"" I screamed in delight. She really did have to go to the bathroom. So she looks at me and says "mommy can you get me paper" "Well love, why don't you try to go poo-poo you said you had to go poo-poo. Try to push the poo-poo out." (I know graphic sorry but I am getting to the point). So she looks at me, grunts a little trying to please her mommy. She thinks for a minute in a classic Winnie the pooh sort of way, you know with great expression and all. She then says "I can't mommy my hiney isn't workin, it's broken!" Oh that girl! I just love how she thinks!!!

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