Friday, October 2, 2009

Magnificent Manager and friend

Hello all! Today I had the lovely experience of running into a lifesaver in my family. You see I was perusing the aisles of Michael's, preparing for an upcoming Sunday School craft as well as an addition to my ditch the disposables goals...when my wandering ear hears a lovely mama talking ever so sweetly to her little girls. She was engaging them in her trip, telling them what she was thinking, teaching them in such a natural way. This is a better deal, this will be easier to you, this is going to match our project more...these are the types of things she was saying. My favorite (and oh yes I got very nosy just listening away, because her joy and love for her children just captivated me) was when she said, "don't you think we should get this one for your kitty tale (they were making costumes) so when you move it will swish just like a real kitty" "oh yes!" was the response of her precious pre-schooler! So I noticed her looking at a product that I had no luck with and had to chime in...this is when my husband would tease me for never being able to hold my tongue. Thankfully she was a dear soul sister (a sister in Christ that is very much like me, yes my very own definition and yes Ginnish is my native tongue HA!) she enjoyed to chat too. As we were chatting I suddenly recognized her. One of my hero's. One of my sanity-savers. It was THEY Magnificent Manager. I met her 2.5 years ago at the Oklahoma Christian Homeschool Convention. She was selling her invention Magnificent Manager ! I listened to her introduction/explanation at least three times. I had her bag it up and hold it for me. I prayed all through the conference. I did not want to make another purchase that looked like such a good idea but I would not use it! By the end of the conference I knew that this was just for me! I bought one and have used it ever since. Our daily schedule is on the board. My kids have magnets with their pictures that they move through their schedule. Sometimes we just have one big family magnet that goes through it so we travel through our day together. It keeps us on track and helps me to remember just what it was that I was doing! I can't imagine life without it. While I have made it mine with a few little tweaks, it is one of the best inventions ever and I seriously think everyone should check it out!

As we talked I told her that I featured her on my blog before. It was on the old site and did not carry-over onto here. But I have to display it again for all of you fabulous newbies! Trust me-it is one organizational tool I will never live without!

I look forward to many more chats with Mrs. Shauna and I would love to hear your stories about your experience with Magnificent Manager and what you think! Be blessed!! Oh and yes I will show pics of our Magnificent Manager in practice later!!

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  1. There are no chance encounters ~ God cauased our paths to cross and I believe He wants us to spur each other on toward the glorious passions and pursuits which He has purposed in our hearts!
    btw ~ We had so much fun at our "hello kitty" party ~ I will post pics on my blog later.
    I would love to meet up with you sometime this or next week!


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