Wednesday, October 7, 2009


To most people epilepsy is no big deal. It is looked upon as an inconvenience and weird. Some people that have it may even look at it that way! They may have an occasional staring spell, a temporary lapse of consciousness, or a short seizure that lasts only a few seconds doesn't seem to bother them at all. Some see seizures as "something that some people have but it isn't a big deal, they are better a few minutes later and seizures don't hurt you." Others think that they are scary and that people will swallow their tongue if you don't put a spoon in their mouth immediately! Some people actually believe a seizure is some sort of demonic possession. All of this could not be more wrong! This week I am going to blog about Avagrace, her epilepsy and what you can do to help. My first blog is simple!

SPOONS are very great and useful tools, BUT NOT WHEN IT COMES TO SEIZURES! people cannot, I REPEAT CAN NOT swallow their tongue. It is physically impossible. They can bite it off but they will not choke on it. When someone is having a seizure you do not put anything in or around their mouth. This will cause major harm! You make sure the person is laying on the ground and that there is nothing around them that can harm them. Hold their head in your lap so that they do not bump their head from the thrashing. This also helps to keep the chin elevated thus keeping the airway open! If the person starts to vomit and when the seizure is over you should roll them to their side! CALL 911 asap but do not leave the person while they are seizing! Afterwards they tend to be very cold so help them to maintain comfort and warmth while waiting for the paramedics! They may be very hungry and thirsty but they should wait until they are cleared by the doc to start ingesting anything! SO PLEASE pass it on and remember yourself, nothing in their mouth! EVER!!

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  1. I thank you for this. I have a student in my room this year that has seizures. Thankfully she is medicated and they are not regular. Looking forward to more!


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