Monday, October 26, 2009

A camera mishap

Today we went to the OKC Haunt the Zoo. It is this fabulous event where they set up "photo ops" every so many feet. At these photo ops you get a piece of candy or a bag of chips/cookies. It is great fun! We dress up and know that our kids are getting safe and sometimes healthy halloween stuff. It is also not a scary event and we even get to peak at some of the animals at night. This year was the first year that Bren did not have to work so we all got to go together. And, we all dressed up!! That is right, Bren dressed up too. He was a clown with me and it was so great! He looked awesome! I had Lindsey take our family pic before we left and there were people at the zoo that were kind enough to take pics for us here and there. It was great! UNTIL...the last photo op of the night....

You see the zoo has people to take your pic (kind of like at the beach/amusement parks), they give you a ticket number, and then they put the pics online for us to buy later. Well we were getting our last picture taken in front of the main display that has the "haunt the zoo" banner in the background. Breya even smiled and that is a feat in itself! I asked another lady to take a pic for us and she says "it says no SD Card" YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???!!!! I had left the SD card in my laptop! I wanted to share a few pics with all of you and my facebook friends and was transferring some pics...and I never put the card back in the camera. All those great shots...never saved................I am so sad! Thank God for those shots that the roaming photographers took! I will have to take more on trick or treat night I suppose, so until then go check your own camera so you aren't stuck without a battery/SD card/flash or whatever it is that you need to get your camera working!

Be Blessed!

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  1. the pics should be saved on the (small) internal memory of your just need the usb cord to connect it directly to the computer. you will open a different folder than normal with the SD card, but they should be on there...hopefully!
    glad you guys had fun and could go as a family! miss you all


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