Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brace yourself!

"Brace yourself, as the beat hits ya, dip trip-flip fantasia" Yeah that is the line of a song from my middle school years, being driven to softball in my mom's CJ-7 Jeep with the roof off - cow print seat covers and all! GREAT times!

Now maybe you can tell from the crazy and completely random intro, I am in full uniform prepared for an attack! That is right, busy mom of five bracing for the flu! You know the saying "If you need something done, give the job to a busy mom!" Well that couldn't be more true at times! Tomorrow is PWOC Tuesday Morning's first chapel dinner. ALL of the moms who have signed up, including me, have been overcome with the flu/pneumonia/and all kinds of other bugs. So to make it easier on us all tomorrow, and to prepare for what could be a hospital stay for one or more of my own children-I spent a few hours in the chapel this evening cooking for the fellowship dinner. I had so much fun! Having a huge kitchen with properly sized pans etc...was amazing! I dream of the day when I have a kitchen that isn't a galley style hall-way kitchen that can fit maybe two people elbow to elbow in it! Plus I have ONE 13x9 pan in my kitchen for all 7 of us. I just mentioned to Bren the other day that kitchen stuff is becoming very important as we are eating all of what I make at dinner and I am not making enough for seconds anymore. MY KIDS EAT SO MUCH! Seriously, ask anyone, they eat more than any kid their own age and they are so skinny! Anyway, I had a lot of fun. I made two pans of pasta, a huge salad, two huge bowls of fruit salad, and four trays full of individual serving cups of banana and dirt pudding. So tomorrow all we have to do is heat up the pasta and meat balls trays, make the garlic bread, and set everything up! And it is such a good thing I prepared this because if I can't be there tomorrow that would have been a disaster!

Two out of the five of our chillies have temps OVER 103 as we speak! Aidan started with this yesterday afternoon being very lethargic (so unheard of with him!) and a high fever that has even made his little brown face red! Today after nap Violet started with the fever and is now coughing terribly! We are in prayer for healing and containment. Also, more specifically that Avagrace does not catch this because a fever for an epileptic is not good at all. Fevers this high can cause anyone to have a seizure. An epileptic however, is that much more susceptible and the seizures will be that much worse! Her last major seizure was 37+ minutes. If she would have a seizure like that with a fever it would likely last drastically longer and we can't have that happen!

So while we are in the trenches please keep us in your prayers and know that I will check in as often as possible! I have plenty to say (as if that is different from usual HA!)

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