Saturday, September 19, 2009

So adorable!

Avagrace is a very funny girl. She is also incredibly creative and very bright. She was telling us that the sun does not go behind the clouds, but the sun actually goes inside the clouds. She went on to explain that she knows this because she turned around to look behind the sun and the sun was still covered by the cloud so therefore it was in it, not behind it! I love how she thinks, the way she views the world is amazing to listen to!!

Whereas Avagrace is a huge thinker and a creative spirit, Violet is our mommy. She wants to have eight babies and she can't wait to have things like Bras etc. She already prays for her husband and asks God to protect him often! She even told us that God was taking care of her babies until she is old enough for Him to give them to her. She is so adorable.

Breya is our feisty little girl who is picking up on new words constantly. She loves necklaces, purses, and bowties (hair bows). She also does this nakie dance. I know this sounds terrible but people she is newly 2 it is adorable. She is potty training and loves to have no diaper on. She was so excited about it one day that I told her to remember she had a nakie hiney so no pee-peeing off the potty. So I said "nakie hiney" with a big cheery voice and she started doing this little wiggle dance. It was so cute. I cracked up. AND LET ME JUST SAY...I don't do hiney wiggling usually...I don't like the shake your booty stuff and it is not allowed, but her doing this dance is so precious. Take my word on it!

I thank God for these precious girls and all that I have learned from them. I will write about my boys tomorrow! Mama's of girls-chime in with your cute stories!

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  1. Olivia is just like Violet. She loves her 'pretties'. Necklaces, bracelets, lanyards, sunglasses etc. She likes to wear bows but takes them out when we get in the car. She also loves to be naked. Will run as fast as she can so that you CAN'T put a diaper on her! She is also a sponge right now. Soaking up everything around her. Not saying many words yet, but understands SO MUCH! Can't wait to hear about the boys!


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