Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quinoa where have you been all my life!

Quinoa pronounced Keen-wah, is a grain and a complete protein. Which means the meat of the grain family and is out of this world amazing. It is also low calorie, high fiber, and sooooooooooooo yummy. It is like the Bible in the book store for food....Amazin! Violet and I made it for the first time last night. I had never heard of it prior to reading my vegan and gluten free cookbooks. I guess the traditional eaters are afraid of healthy foods (just joking) but seriously Bren and I were so worried about serving it before we tried it that we almost made a second dinner as a back up just in case. Oh and when I say we I mean we were both worried but I would have made the dinner hahaha. Bren doesn't cook! So Violet and I made Organic Red Quinoa by Eden something...I will post pics later! She was so excited to be helping me in the kitchen. Liam was close by playing and the other three had daddy time in the back yard. The meal was gluten free, dairy free, Vegan deliciousness and we all felt so full and so good after dinner, it is like the way we should feel when we eat! Try it sometime!!!

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  1. I LOVE quinoa, too! I think it such a cool grain to work with. My girls find if fascinating every time I serve it. I also have wondered where it has been all my life!


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