Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Putting my crappy attitude in check...

We are a military family and we live on base. Saying that makes me feel like I am at some sort of support group, and right now I feel like I need one lol. One year ago the housing on our base was taken over by a private company "privatizing." This happens because the Air Force cannot afford to take care of their housing on their base because the government does allocate enough money to the military. Largely because many voters think that military money only goes to war and many citizens believe that people in the military don't have to pay for anything. This couldn't be farther from the truth and many service members consistently fall below poverty level in their incomes. We military members pay for everything, housing, food, daycare, transportation etc. The only thing that is covered is movers, and shipping our household goods to and from. Sometimes we get reimbursed for our travel from one duty location to another when we move but not always and again, it only comes as a reimbursement.

So when we move to Japan in March we will need to sell nearly everything including our car! We are only allowed to take 2,000 pounds with us which is basically beds and clothes and a few appliances. We will have plane tickets purchased for us but the money that it costs for food during the trip, housing/hotels, buying a new vehicle, restocking our groceries, etc.etc.etc. Well that is all out of pocket. Hopefully we will sell everything in our house to cover the cost but we will wait and see.

Sorry, off on a tangent, back to the meeting tonight. The company that took over the base housing (Balfour Beatty) promised us the world and is only delivering a globe. I asked some questions during the meeting and was visibly agitated when they dodged the questions or answered them in tricky politically correct terms. Like when I said "will people living in four bedroom homes move to new four bedroom homes when they have to me" "that is our intent" Intent is not what I asked, a yes or no will suffice. Then when asked how the kids who will be living 2 miles away from the on-base elementary school/middle and high school bus stop will get there when there are no connecting sidewalks between school and neighborhood they were baffled. They had never even thought about it and they are moving tons of people in over the next few weeks.

All that being said I hate how upset I get at meetings like this. When people are lying and trying to make it look so good when it isn't. I hate how I let it get to me and then respond in frustration and agitation. I hate the negativity and bad attitudes of me and those around me including the perpetrator. I just can't sit back and take injustice! I guess I am just a rebel with a cause...

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