Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peace out pepsi

So today I go to feed our three year old Beta Fish named Pepsi...and I found it belly up. Yes scenes from Nemo are floating through my head right now which makes me feel more guilty about what I am going to say next but I am very honest and have to say it. I was so relieved that this fish died I was sort of counting down the days waiting for it to swim it's last swim. It was just one more responsibility to add to the children, 2 dogs, a ton of house plants, the husband, the house, the job, the cleaning, the laundry, the list goes on and on...

I really did love this fish and when we got it it was really nice to have. Then the novelty wore off and the grown ups were really the only ones that noticed it. That is why I think if any other animal ever comes into our home it will be an insect lore kit. They send you these larvae or tadpoles of whatever breed of bug etc that you can watch change in these little terrariums. Then when the growing is done and they are adults you release them! Fabulous. A pet that lasts just during the novelty phase and teaches at the same time. We are currently waiting for our ladybug larvae for our fall project.

So goodbye dear pepsi, you were a good fish. Oh and sorry about your name. Our red one was named Cherry Coke, and no I didn't name it Aidan did! So then he says the blue one should be named that blue soda's name, you know the one you and daddy don't like. Oh Pepsi? Yup that's it. So we had coke and pepsi lol. Coke died shortly after we got it, it was apparently a lemon :)


  1. LMBO a lemon huh??? That was funny!

  2. Growing up, I always got the "lemons." I had a suicidal goldfish who repeatedly jumped out of his bowl and down the garbage disposal. We got him out with pliers, then one day I covered the bowl with tin foil to keep him in. Who knew fish need air?

    I'm enjoying your posts, keep them coming!

  3. RIP, dear Pepsi, may your deeds on Earth be remembered in the hearts of those who knew you :)
    Lady C


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