Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Oklahoma Crud

Of course, this post could be titled the Pennsylvania cold, the beach burn, etc. etc..but seriously in Oklahoma during the change of seasons, if you have allergies you better move! haha...The allergy counts are so high that you get sick and stay sick and usually get all kinds of infections on top of it because you body is so busy fighting the allergies that your immune system is more susceptible to everything else. So here we are with the Oklahoma crud again, plus fevers to boot! The fevers started Saturday morning and are holding strong. There are only a few times that I can think of that make having a large family exponentially more difficult, 5 little ones sharing the stomach bug and the common flu is definitely one of them! Thank God I don't have kids that throw up from seeing others throw up! We already have back to back messes as it is! How is your family holding up to the season changes? Ironically, this is my favorite time of year...I just LOVE fall! It makes my creative juices flow, my adrenaline pump, and my soul thrives! Sometimes I feel like God made Fall just for me :) I can't wait to go to the farmers market and this week will begin my pumpkin recipes!! Oh and the zucchini!!!!!! well I am actually very sad about zucchini this year...mine did not grow, not at all! I didn't even get a sprout! So, if anybody has some they want to pass on I will take all I can get...it is a favorite food in this house! Last year I froze enough to last through April! I am also going to take the kids to a peanut farm and we will make our own peanut butter!!!

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  1. NC is no better for those with allergies! I get a shot in each arm once a week. My household just got over the flu, too. Hope things are better.


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