Monday, September 14, 2009

My Military Man

It is no secret that I was the first in our family to make the cross-over into the military uniform...however, I was in for a very short amount of time and left with an honorable discharge many years ago. I remember being in the PX/BX as a soldier seeing those window stickers for women's cars that said "the toughest job in the military WIFE" I would laugh and think to myself, that is a great way to suck up! Yup I really did. So when my husband enlisted in the Air Force and had to leave for training only six weeks after our third child was born I thought "No Problem!" I definitely was 100% for his choice and yes, he did ask me, this was a completely joint enlistment! Not only did I support his desire I was so excited. One because I knew that he really wanted this but was leery because he (naturally) did not have a ton of people saying "woohoo join the military in time of war." But also because I knew he would enjoy it. I knew what it was like and I knew he would thrive.

So fast forward to 6 months after he left for basic training and you will find me on the phone with Brendan, who was in Texas, on limited phone time saying "So, MPF is sending out a QAO on 13 December when the movers arrive at which time you will oversee all the packing, loading of the truck, and then you will head out cross country but don't go over x amount of miles in one day oh and they don't pay us ahead of time so you will need to come up with the money for travel, hotel, food, etc...for you and the three kids. Oh and I can't come to help. I will meet you in Oklahoma by Christmas. I love you!" Click! Wait what???? You have got to be kidding me....huh, well ok then...

That was my basic training. Now I understand and completely believe and agree that the Mil Wife is the hardest job in the service! Hands down without a question, we have to deal with life, red tape, sickness, home warfare, drama, regulations, holding down the fort, etc etc etc etc....the list never ends. But it is incredibly rewarding and their is nothing better than supporting a man who truly loves his job! Now as I get more comfortable with falling over boots, finding blousing straps all over the house, and realizing that my husband is only on loan to us when his unit doesn't 'need' him life is getting rather interesting.

I find it very exciting to try to get him to have PDA's in his uniform. The funniest part of this is I am typically the prude who doesn't like PDA's at all meanwhile I can't keep him off of me. However, when that uniform is on he is completely different. He is on like the actors behind the camera and apparently so am I, (ahem) I quite enjoy the challenge of getting him to enjoy a kiss, a hand hold a moment...

Another game I like to play is "my version of the military alphabet". Military Acronyms annoy me, just say it already, stop confusing us! And the military alphabet well...I use to know it but now I am lucky to remember the English alphabet after singing it so many times a just kind of grow immune to it. But it is quite humorous to hear Bren on the phone with telemarketers, stores, bill companies, whatever because when my husband spells things out on the phone he gives no warning and begins to say things like Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot at which point the person says "Oh I thought you were giving me words and I was wondering why you were rattling it off so fast" He says "no, I was giving you letters" (well dear, technically those are words that stand for letters...) So I find it very humorous to spell things like this....He would say honey I think we should Gulf, Oscar, Oscar, Uniform, Tango, Tango,Oscar, Echo, Alpha, Tango...."Go Out To Eat But I like to say something like this Giants Only Optimistically Use Tea To Over Emphasize Alligators Tongues. It has become a game to see how badly I can make him laugh or how ridiculous I can make it sound while still trying to make a sentence using words for letters...

So I guess I will get to a point of this blog before I do my famous rambling for a whole page...every couple needs ammo to make life fun...military families have extra ammo. What is yours? Military or not, lets get a discussion going and really share some fun!

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