Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Breya, My Bug!

On Thursday night Breya and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair with Ashley and Jonah, it was her first date night ever. We had an appointment and afterwards we had a very impromptu trip with Ashely, which was much needed. I can't tell you the last time we hung out.
So Breya and I got all geared up and headed out to the fair. My first state fair ever was on September 11, 2001. Yeah, I know. It was with Mom for a 3 doors down concert. We spent the whole day there and it felt as if we were in the twilight zone. Here was the great American past time, celebrating our heritage, our agriculture, our artisans and enjoying crazy food and cool rides. Yet every flag was at half mast and every booth had a radio or portable TV tuned to the news, updating us on the attacks and replaying the scenes from the morning and the current rescue efforts. I was in the Army National Guard at the time and in the chaos I left my cell phone at home. Looking back I would not have spent that day any differently. The next day I left for training, duty, and clean-up...traveling with my unit up and down the East coast for weeks. To me, the PA York fair was not really a taste of a state was more like a county fair with fun concerts but maybe that is because I live in the 'heartland' now.

Two years ago, Breya was only a few weeks old during the Oklahoma state fair...and although I wanted to go, it was a definite no. Then last year Liam was only a few weeks old and Bren had just come back from again, no go. This year I had heard about food on a stick and deep fried EVERYTHING and had to check it out for myself. Breya was so excited about our date that she cheered the whole way to the fair and chattered my ear off all night long. It was so cute!

I cannot recommend enough, for any parent, to take your kids out for individual date days. Even if you have an only child, make a special day to take them out. Even if it is an ordinary trip to Target you can make it special by preparing for it differently, talking about it differently and truly making a point to engage in constant conversation and time with your 'date'. It is so easy to tune our children out when we are occupied with the many tasks that we face. Especially when they love to chatter on and on and on about who knows what. Date days are wonderful!
So, we enjoyed our time together and had such a blast. I have to say that my top three favorite parts of the whole evening were as follows: 1. Seeing Breya on her own, hearing her, seeing her open up in ways that she usually does not when she is part of the group etc. I had her attention, her kisses, and her joy all to myself! 2. Seeing and spending time with Ashley and Jonah. This was much needed and so much fun! Jonah is such a cutie (afterall I did get to seee him being born!) 3. The kangaroo. YUP i got to hold a baby often does one get to say that in their lifetime, especially an American girl :) Now Aussies, that is another story!

As for food, the fair really does have every kind of food on a stick, including pizza, mashed potatoes, even mac and cheese (both of which are deep fied too and no I did not try any of those. Ashely did have chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick and I took a bite of that, it was yummy! They also have everything you can imagine Deep Fried! They had deep fried sticks of yeah,...moving on...they had deep fried twinkies, deep fried oreos, deep fried ravioli/manicotti/and almost any vegetable you can imagine. Before the fair and for the past two years of fair stories I have been amazed to hear the tales of food. A few weeks back I even heard two radio personalities talking about a deep fried pickle and a deep fried snickers. I thought, a deep fried snickers, GROSSE that has got to clog your arteries immediately. Yeah well as Bren says, the fair fairies got me and I had to try the deep fried snickers. Well OH MY GOODNESS, it was like a funnel cake with ooey-gooey melted snickers inside...yeah SOO unhealthy but oh so yummy! Breya also got excited about something. She saw Ashley and Jonah getting corn dogs and she about lost her mind. She was sitting in her stroller and squealed and laughed asking for one. SO I caved and allowed her to eat it...she enjoyed it for a bit and then did not. It made her tummy upset. After all it is only about once a week that we ever eat meat. So when she saw the deep fried snickers she was scared, thinking it was the corn dog. But, she did eat funnel cake and was very excited about it! We really did have a blast. Jonah got a cowboy hat and is so cute in it! Breya loved to dance and really enjoyed the pretty lights that shown on the trees, making them appear to be blue, pink, purple, orange, green, etc. Breya has turned into quite the dancer (as I am sure you have read about already!) She was moving around so fast I couldnt get but an after trail of her in the pics above!

All in all, it was a great date and Breya felt like the little princess that she is. Enjoy the pics!

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