Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom and Sisters Visit

So as you know my mom and sister were able to visit for FIVE DAYS!!! It was so amazing to have them all to myself (ok I did have to share with my kiddos). They were a tremendous blessing to me as well! I have missed them incredibly and can't remember the last time I had time with the two of them together and alone. Not only did we get to enjoy our usual outings to Star 'dollar' coffee (you know that fabulous brand of coffee that I don't want to use the TM name without permission haha...) But we also started a new tradition (at least it better be a tradition! We went to the Barn and Nobility ;) bookstore (yup the one for farmers and kings hahahaha) and sat at the Star dollar coffee talking, reading, catching up and then we got to peruse the book store...OH HAPPY DAY :)

The most wonderful gift I received from them was the fact that they came. I have needed them in so many ways...just a visit, some time, a sight, a hug. It is hard being away for so long when it someone whom you care for so much. It is also amazing and priceless to see my chillies with my family! I want them to know them so well, for them to be a huge part of their lives always. You can never get back time and that is a constant in the forefront of my mind.

The second most wonderful thing was the help and willingness they had to help with my monstrosity that is my home! I am a perfectionist and a messy child-turned neat freak. Married to a messy child-turned messier adult. With five little children. A small Air Force house. A love affair with books and crafts. Children whom love to play with everything at one time in every room of the house :) and did I mention a messy husband. On top of all of that "normal stuff" We have hand-me-d0wns, bulk items and stuff that just seems to accumulate that I can never keep up with. We spent a good 10 hours on two rooms in our house. The girls room and the parents room. With the help of Lindsey and Joe we took down the bunk beds and delivered them to Ashley. Then we filled up their SUV and some of their truck with stuff to donate to Good Will! It was amazing! I am so ready to move on to other rooms in the house, but that would involve my husband taking the kids out for several hours again (not likely) and my mom and sister coming back (very extremely not likely). I guess I could go it alone if Bren took the kids out but do I really want to? Yes and NO! It will never be as rewarding or as much fun as it was with my mom and sis. But it has to be done! I wish you could have seen the three of us! OH and we had Liam bean with us too, so the three of us and mom and sister rock!

Cleaning with a big family is something I have not mastered yet. How do you do it when they are all little and are always right wait they are over here now...haha see what I am getting at. They are always right where you don't want them to be, ahem!

Now as I sit here typing the blog I have been waiting on posting (one because I did want to show before and after pics but the after I can't keep accurate to actually take the picture and two because I miss them so much and again I am keenly aware that I will not see them again for quite a while. So on that note I will sign out and say, Thank you Marme and Frosty, I do miss you terribly and I am incredibly thankful for your help!

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