Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Homeschool,

Dear Homeschool,
Oh my dearest homeschool, I LOVE YOU! Not only do you nurture and support my children to engage in their lessons you teach them to be in charge of their learning. To learn all things that interest them and to find interest in things that do not naturally engage them. You tell them that there is not a certain age approved for learning particular topics. You also tell them that each subject is connected to the next in some way. That math doesn't end at 10:00 but continues throughout the day and throughout life.

Oh my precious homeschool I also love how you encourage my little children. When they see you with my older ones you invite them to listen. As you know this teaches them patience and it gives them bits of what we are learning. The really cool thing about this is it makes them want to learn, to be like the big kids. They are not looking as school as this place to go but rather a process of obtaining information. Oh homeschool how wise you are!

Oh my darling my favorite part of you being here is how my children are more aware of the goal obtaining of knowledge. Home is no longer this place of entertainment. It is their foundation. The giver of not just peace and fun but the giver of all things God ordained. knowledge, Wisdom, and courage. You embrace them and encourage them to seek out the things that God wants them to find. They now find knowledge in their observations in play and in the backyard. They don't just go out to explore aimlessly but with direction and desire to come in and share what they found.

But the truly greatest part is how they want to communicate with me about everything right now. Yes, it is a test in patience for me, and a lesson for me in parenting, but what better way for me to learn too? Oh precious homeschool my children now know the truths, that God is the giver of all things, the creator of all things, and the one who guides our daily steps. He is not something that we leave at the door when entering our education or our outside world. He is our education and our outside world. He is all and our all in all!

Thank you homeschool for loving my children and blessing me so!


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my bitter twin momma blog. You asked a question and I wanted to leave it here in case you didn't see it. The way you check hits (which you've probably found out by now) is to get a program like and put it on your blog. It will show you how to check where you've been linked (recent came from) or whose visiting your blog and what they've done (recent pageload activity). It will also let you know how many hits you get a day and who % of those are regular readers. Its VERY user friendly and it's free.

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  2. Oh, it also shows you what searches have brought people to your blog.


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