Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boys will be boys...

Liam is toddling around, trying to walk and it is so dear. He babbles and squeals and tries to yell. He is in to everything but especially loves magnets and blocks. We have this board in our hall that I use as a magnet board for notes, pictures, etc. It is very pretty and has these very small dime sized magnets on it. Liam is obsessed with it. Every chance he got he would crawl back and sit in front of it grabbing the magnets, at which time we would promptly scoop him up and take him quickly away from the choking hazard. The other night however, he went back there for the umpteenth-billion and a half time and I sat and watched as he was sucked into mesmerization (this is totally a word, in Ginnish HA!).n He sat there completely content staring at magnets. Moving them from scattered all over the board, to all stacked in a tower. So Brendan, who joined in my fascination, spread them out again. Liam promptly stacked them again and smiled proudly at us as we clapped. This game went on for about 30 minutes as we spread them out and watched and cheered. The game was so incredible that it drew in a crowd of 6 all cheering for his little victory. Liam was so happy! He just loves magnets.

Aidan has discovered how mnuch fun legos can be. It is not only a great quiet time activity but it lends itself to new toys that "he always wanted but never saw in the store!" Yes, my genius said that hahaha! So he has built ships, boats, jails, planes, and so many more objects. So much for my ridding-the-house-of-plastic....but at least they do not require batteries, make noise, or use energy!

My boys are so much fun! I love how they think and how they create!

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