Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today I am bringing you two things, an update and a referral!

For an update, yesterday morning we met with the commander of the Med Group to discuss our EFMP (Exceptional Family Members) and if we will be approved to go to Japan or not. After lots of pre-meeting prayer, hustle, and anxiety it went amazingly! We got his blessing and now have to wait 14 days to hear from Japan on if they will accept us or not. Please keep this in your prayers! Thanks!

Now, here is my referral. Today at some point, please check out this artist and her beautiful prints. Also pass on the link if you feel so moved! This lady is near and dear to my heart and has been from my early years in life. When I was very little she introduced me to French, and the love of different cultures. I loved the occasions that I could go over to her home and look at all of her treasures and books from afar. I knew when I was little that one, I wanted to own her house :) and two that I always wanted to travel like her. I was determined to go to college so that I could have a life similar to hers. She is also the first person I ever made a gourmet meal with (my first taste of scallops YUM!). Her husband taught me the Fox Trot and other traditional dances and it was sooooooo much fun! I truly think that these relationships mixed with the love of my nanny and poppy is really where my love of vintage began. Mixed with the love of treasures and travel my mom had a box of brochures from all around the East Coast. She taught me how to be a tourist in my own back yard. This gift has benefited our military lifestyle very well. We have found many great places around OKC that we might not have found if I hadn't learned how to be a traveler from my family. How I miss them!

So who is this artist I am speaking of? Amie Tannenbaum, my favorite Aunt in the whole world, and yes, she has always been my favorite! Here is her link. She has an nationally and internationally acclaimed photographer and some of her pics where taken during my wedding!

Amie Tannenbaum

Have a great day!!

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