Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yeah Me!

LOL so this is very unlike me but I have to 'toot my own horn' for a second and say that I finally went to the gym! You know only 5 days before Liam is 1 year old, ahem, but I went and it was amazing! I totally did 2 miles on the elliptical and 1 on the bike. It has been too long, you know only four years, but I started and I am so excited I pray I won't stop!

On another note, I totally cannot wait until tomorrow. I have some more creative ideas for the kids and I. A baking project and some organizing I would like to I really think I can get all this done??? No, not really....but I learned something about myself today. Or maybe I just finally admitted it to my self, LOL yeah I know that sounded way split personality and all but whatever.

I love organization and have great ideas to get organized but sometimes I get so organized that I get lost in the organization....or maybe I just don't know how to organize the organization....or maybe I just don't know how to implement my ideas.....yes I think it is the last one...and maybe a bit of the first one....I am so confused!

So tomorrow I will wade through half finished organization efforts, follow through with some creative ideas with my kiddos and definitely spend some time in pillows on the floor reading! Sounds awesome!

But before I end my most confusing post ever, I must give some amazing thanks to two very wonderful people. First, my husband. His new thing has been to make a pot of oatmeal before he leaves for work and for the past two days he has added in to make me a cup of coffee. I cannot express to you how amazing it has been. I have been without coffee for so long. Think about it, pregnant and nursing for four years straight with only a small break before that so truly a 7 year total! To have coffee freshly made, in my home, and to cross the threshold that is my mouth two days in a row is enough to send me sky rocketing through my day! Coffee is an amazing gift from God! To top it off it is Gevalia coffee with agave nectar and vanilla soy milk..............YUM!

Ok the next thanks goes to my friend Nikki. She blessed my family today, yet again, in a way that for now I cannot share. So just trust me when I say that she is an amazing and Godly friend and it is such a blessing to have her in my life. When you read this please say a prayer for her and her family. They are expecting baby number three and she is having a hard time with morning sickness right now. On top of that her hubby is about to deploy, so yeah, please keep her in your prayers!

All that being rambled, I will sign off and say goodnight as I lay my head down to dream of cinnamon coffee on my bedside table as my hubby kisses me goodbye as he leaves for work. After all it will come in just a blink!

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