Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Stay-At-Home-Mom Day

Before I get to today I would like to briefly talk about yesterday! Yesterday I had to take the kiddos to the Doc. Breya had her 2 year physical and Liam was being evaluated (again) for his plastic allergy and other allergies. When I got to the office it was crowded. This is actually unusual for the Doc I go to on this particular day of the week. So we take our seat and sure enough we see someone we know. Now, I have to say, for me this is so exciting. When you haven't lived somewhere very long and you are in a pretty large city it is so nice to see familiar faces. It reminds me of my small town home where everyone knows almost everyone else. Anywho, (yes I love this word it makes me smile to say it!) the girl I see was the receptionist at my OBGYN clinic before I had Breya and Liam. She is a very sweet girl and was pregnant when I was pregnant with Liam. She was carrying her first baby who is now a year old! How time flies. I asked her how she was and if she enjoyed staying home or missed work. This is a question I often ask. She said that she loves staying home but definitely misses work. I smiled and agreed.

It seems like the topic that is always discussed is whether or not you stay home or work and which of those is right. But what about when you have to make one decision or the other, or when you make one decision but are surprised at how you feel about it after you make it. What about the feelings of loss when you do give up one for the other. Now she and I both agree that we miss work (I know I am working right now but stay with me) but we agree that we can go back to that later and we can never go back to this stage of our babies life. That being said. I am working now. I do love my job when I am there. I also love being home when I am home. I often miss the one when I am at the other. I often am torn between one and the other. However, I have to work right now for financial reasons and God has truly blessed me with a j0b I TRULY LOVE. Life is hard but following Gods will is what is important and I know I am following His will right now. I only discuss and encourage others to do the same, whatever that may look like.

Ok so on to today. Today was a blessed day. I had a complete day. A complete day to me is a day that I am at home from sun up till sun down and I don't have to worry about switching gears and going to work. I got to wake up to Oatmeal hot on the stove and coffee brewed fresh for me by my hubby before he left for work. This is his new thing, a gift for me to start my day. A true blessing I must say, I am not a morning person AT ALL! The kids and I talked and enjoyed each others company over breakfast. We prayed together and talked about what God has done in our life lately. It was magical. Then I got the bright idea to take Amanda Soule's Idea and "follow summer" (www.soulemama.com) So instead of breaking out the lesson books we got our swimsuits on and headed to the water park. Unfortunately, the park was out of order! So I drove to the two pools to see if they were open, but they were closed.

I must confess that the pool closing was a shock to me. In PA we have our pools open until Labor day. That is what we consider to be the end of summer. Here in Oklahoma where the temps stay close to 100 degrees and sometimes hotter, well into the first weeks of October, the pools are already closed????

Oh well, it turned out to be a fabulous lesson. The kids and I were blessed by listening to some of our favorite songs on the radio. It was as if God had chosen the play list specifically for us in the car ride. I encouraged the kids to look at the trip as a really cool car ride with really great music....a blessing, not a disappointment because the water park and pools were closed. We got home and only had one in tears and this is like hitting the jackpot in our house. So we ate a great lunch, napped and woke up to a dinning room that I transformed into our art studio. Yes, we painted!

If there is one peaceful activity that we all love to do it is definitely painting. We can sit and paint and be at peace with very few words if you give us canvas's, paint, and brushes. And you must know that if our house has very few words in it, it is bound to snow in San Antonio! :)

I also got to fold four loads of laundry, rearrange my kitchen, do two loads of dishes, make a fabulous home-cooked meal, and have time to play Littlest Pet Shop with the girls, Animalz with Liam, Webkinz with Aidan and Animal Crossing by myself!

On top of all that fabulousness I found a Yoga studio downtown that has affordable rates and so tomorrow I will broach the subject with Bren for a few nights out a week to get back into the 'sport' I love so much!

Lastly, I had time to peruse my favorite blogs and have added a button to my page for you to check one of them out. It is at Sorta Crunchy. Megan is the author of that blog and she and her friend are writing a book together about following Christ on the natural, attachment parenting, journey. I couldn't be more excited to have found her. My dissertation in college and my passion is in attachment parenting. I am so glad to know that there will be a book that I can give at every baby shower very soon! Each Monday she updates us on what the writing process is like and where the book is heading. Check it out, her daily blog is a great encouragement as well!

Goodnight friends! Be Blessed!!!!

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