Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I was kidnapped and it was a fabulous journey! I woke up, very begrudgingly as I am not a morning person. I really thought that after my five little ones were out of the baby stage that they would sleep through the night, but I thought wrong. And so, morning comes ever so slightly and I very aggressively try to ignore it. However, today I had to be at work to make some announcements and prepare for the teachers training. I was excited because I got to walk to work before the oppressive Oklahoma heat kicked up and Brendan would get all the kids (plus one who spent the night) ready and to the second service on time.

So when I finally mustered up enough strength to lift my cover and leap into the day I thanked God for the beautiful morning glories growing under my window. It is my favorite view in all of Oklahoma. The white lace curtain in my bedroom pushed aside just enough to see several blooms soaking in the morning rays. My mom and I planted those flowers last year when we moved into this house. It is so romantic to have several strong plants of morning glories, growing wire lattice under your bedroom window. You really should try it!

Anywho, I got my shower and got dressed and quite quickly headed out the door. It is amazing how little time I need to get ready when it is only me that is walking out the door! SO I did just that, I walked out the door and down the street off to chapel. It was beautiful. The sun was shining, the Oklahoma breeze blew, and the temps were still in the high 70's! On the way to church I listened to nature and prayed for God to guide my words as I delivered the announcements of the day. As I was lost in prayer admiring the clouds he grabbed me. He grabbed me and put such a huge smile on my face and in my heart. He filled me with joy and boundless energy. When it was my turn to speak I made eye contact with people in the congregation, I made people laugh, I made them smile, I made them think. I was even praised by a few different people at the end of service.

Then the second service came and the same thing happened. I made the congregation laugh, I made eye contact and I made my son feel like the most special child in the whole church. After church I ran a meeting and welcomed to teachers. I engaged our volunteers and got to know them all a little better.

It was a really great time, but you know what the absolute best part of it all?????

Each and every time I said "I did or I made....etc...." above, it was actually HIM. He kidnapped me, HE carried me, HE held me, HE guided me, HE led me. Each and every word that came out of my mouth was a blessing to me because HE gave it to me to share.

It is quite an amazing experience to be kidnapped by God and led by the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful to my friend Jesus, because He made all of this happen and it was a really cool day!

Have you been Kidnapped by God lately? Please Share!

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