Monday, August 17, 2009

k Lup

We listen to Christian Radio and Thank God for Oklahoma because here we have a great variety of stations. We listen to three regularly. K Love, The House FM, and Air One. In Pa, where we like to call home, we got one station and it was static most of the time depending on where you were. So here, we are blessed! Aidan is adorable and sings along with the music as do most of our kiddos but Aidan is the oldest and definitely understands the lyrics and says the words correctly, most of the time. Yesterday we were listening to K Love in the car and when we came into the house he was still humming and quietly singing the song that we heard last. He did this for a good 10 minutes until he looked at me with a completely glowing face and said "I just love K Lupp, the music is so spiritual and Christian and it makes my heart soar!" He held his fists up like a boxer as he spoke as if to show how much excitement he had to contain within his seven-year-old-self! It is times like these that I am thankful for my husband and the warriors of this country the most. We are one of very few countries left that have the freedom to listen to such music on the radio daily. I pray that I never take this for granted. Just the fact that it is even hard to come by in this country is enough to make me wish I hit the huge lotto so I could better support Christian radio nationwide, so that every state, city, town could have one great radio station blasting contemporary Christian music for all the excited 7 year old's and hip-hoppin' 77 year old's alike!

Oh and the K LUPP, well that is not a typo. When we moved here Aidan was 4 and thought that the station was called K Lupp so it has stuck, even though we remind him often that it is called K Love. One day the switch will turn and he will call it by its rightful name. After all this is the child that called Music Moose-Nick for many years. I corrected him often, he learned the proper word eventually, and now I miss hearing him say time flies!

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