Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have a gaurdian angel!

So tonight I was leaving work at 845. So my hands and arms are packed as I push open the door and hit a large fluffy black and white tail. YUP, it was a skunk. I quickly try to slam the door shut again as my purse gets stuck in the door for a brief second. I watch as the skunk scurries away with its tail in the air. Now, either it recently sprayed or didn't have a working sprayer and THANK GOD! If it had spray the stuff would have come in the cracked door and gotten me and the building. So I just barely escape a nightmare. Now I am standing inside the door surrounded by bushes at dusk and I already know that there is one skunk very close by. I kicked the large metal door in hopes of scaring off the skunk. I contemplated calling security forces for an escort, but quickly brought myself back to reality...no security forces person is going to have the time or desire to protect me from a skunk, lol. So I pray, squeal, and hurry out the door. Instead of heading straight on the sidewalk to my car, I go in the grass away from the direction the skunk scurried. As I am walking away from the chapel, not five feet away the skunk decides to face me and walk in my direction, YUP the opposite direction that it was going when I first scared it, BY HITTING IT WITH THE DOOR!

By this time I am totally freaking out. I run, yup, still recovering from my surgery, definitely not suppose to run, totally weighted down with full hands, running like a scared child across the grass. Cars are passing and I am sure looking at me as if I just robbed the chapel or something. The skunk picks up speed but thankfully crossed my path, behind me, and heads towards the building next to the chapel....not towards my car. However, when I hit the unlock button on my key chain the skunk stops, turns its tail up right in my direction and freezes. Thankfully I am several feet away so I jump in the car and slam the door. This makes the skunk aim again, but thankfully it never fired!

So, I have a guardian angel and an amazing God who created a skunk that didn't spray me, and I also am now the cautionary tale at the chapel as I am going to have to warn everyone tomorrow because tomorrow night Bible Studies will be leaving the chapel around the same time that I did tonight.

I can't believe I was so close to a skunk I could have stepped on it! Crazier still is that the skunk actually had a very pretty pattern....I am still shuddering at the thought of this story!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I think I had my mouth open the whole time I was reading this in shock!


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