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Edited to say: My friend says that she lives 20-30 minutes away not 40....I say she is being modest but I did think she lived farther down into Norman vs. where she is in Moore/OKC....however, with 240 traffic and bringing food at dinner time, I do think she is being modest...Nikki you rock, just admit it LOL!!!

So as you know I have been recovering from a hysterectomy. At the age of 27 my female parts had enough. Five births in six years, plus four miscarriages, and quite a bit of hemorrhaging all adds up to a prolapsed uterus and bladder. Surgery is never fun, especially when this marks my fourth since January of this year! However, this surgery is not at the top of most women's to do list. Sure it will be great to not have a monthly cycle. I mean I have only had it one time since 2005 so getting it back is not on my dream sheet. Yet, it is that monthly issue that makes babies possible. I know I have five and all, but having more was never far from my mind. I knew I needed a break. So badly in fact that my husband got a vasectomy because of how hard the pregnancy's have been. I mean every baby came earlier and earlier and being pregnant and delivering while Bren was deployed, yeah that was not exactly easy. In all reality I probably never would have wanted to be pregnant again. BUT, vasectomy's are reversible and there was a possibility. Now, well it is final. I no longer have a womb. The first home of all five of my babies was sent to a lab and then an incinerator.

In the midst of this my husband had to take charge as I was on bed rest for 1.5 weeks and then on lifting and driving restrictions. For us, this is the worst part. Bren is not a house husband. He is an awesome father, a great Airman, but not a house husband. To clean is the last thing on his mind and something he doesn't succeed in very often. On top of that he hasn't cooked more than a handful of meals our whole marriage, and when I say cook I mean open cans and heat up stuff. So, as I lay in bed trying so hard not to get up and freak out he took control. Thank God I have girlfriends. As I have said on here before, the best kept "secret" of the Air Force/Army is PWOC. That is protestant women of the chapel. This has been my wellspring of friends and life. Not only was Liam born 8 weeks early during deployment, but he was born into a room with three PWOC ladies all by my side. This hysterectomy was no different. My family was blessed with two weeks of meals, home-cooked with love. Not only were they delicious and a tremendous blessing but they were for us. No really, they were FOR US. You see, they could have cooked their tried and true pot-luck favorite. They could have ordered us pizza. They could have sent us frozen dinners to heat in the microwave. They could have done nothing at all! But no. They went above and beyond. They looked up recipes that were compatible with our diet. Our gluten free, vegan diet. The biggest pain-in-the-you-know-what diet in the world and they rocked it! We were blessed with such incredible deliciousness! It made my recovery that much less stressful knowing that my family was being taken care of so wonderfully by these ladies that love us. You see, some of them are in the midst of deployment with their own children to care for. Some of them haven't seen family for over a year or more. Some of them missed a family members funeral because it was just too far away and plane tickets are not feasible on their warriors pay. Some of them only have one vehicle and live 40 minutes away from us but still managed to bring us a HOT meal! I really can't say enough about women who belong to PWOC. They are selfless and loving and for any military wife out there please find the PWOC at your base. It is the survival must have!

So now I will step off the PWOC soap box for a moment and share my weekend. It was my first weekend out since the surgery. I am still not driving but Lindsey drove and we went to see a movie. An awesomely incredible movie. Julie and Julia. What can a say, a story about a blogger that gets a book deal, it gets me right here! We laughed so hard I actually did my embarrassing "that is so funny I can't contain it laugh!" We had so much fun we stayed for a second movie! I have never done this, but often thought I could never sit that long. But with the right friend and a huge cherry coke (yes I cheated) anything is possible. What movie did we see? None other than The Time Travelers Wife. So first we laughed and now we cried. What an amazing night, two fabulous movies and a girl's night out with one of my best friends ever. Unfortunately, we are counting our days because soon she PCS's to Georgia and I to Japan.

To round out the weekend I got a recipe from one of my other best friends. A PWOC lady who made some fabulous muffins for us during my recovery. This is the lady that headed up all the meals and made four for us! Yup, four meals. Not to mention she is the one who drove 40 minutes to deliver a HOT meal for us and she also gave us some frozen foods to get by until I am 100% Yeah, she is a saint. AND she is a funny one too. This is my favorite recipe ever, I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. Do me a favor. Call your girlfriends this week and tell them how awesome they are. Without girlfriends, life would be very grim!

Here is the recipe!

Go to the commissary's muffin aisle. Pick up the package of *said brand muffins. Take it home, open it up, mix in 1/2 cup of desired milk. Then mix and cook ;)

I swear to you her muffins tasted like the most amazing bakery muffins ever and this is the recipe I get LOL!!! It reminds me of the Nestle Toll House episode of Friends.

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  1. 40 minutes?? I'm just penn & 240! more like 20-30.
    Love you girl! And was so glad to be able to serve your fam!!


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