Friday, August 28, 2009


I LOVE films! Like stories they have this amazing way of showing us life, in sometimes a very realistic way. I mean how many times have you seen a film and thought, "man that is the same way I think" but you didn't want to admit it. Or how many times have you related to anther's struggle, obsession, quirk, or joy. Yes, stories typically spawn from someones form of truth, however, imaginations are behind stories too.

Films are like a feast for the senses. It is a story that you can get into but also see. And it isn't like a story when you imagine what you are reading and see it in your head....I mean you really see it and everyone else sees the same thing, so you have this story told to you and you all picture it the same way....or at least close to the same way.

One of my absolute favorite professors ever shared my love of film and she used them in her class. I took this idea and spread it on my other classes. I remember one fine day Andie (one of my 'can't live without 4) hijacked our sociology class to watch Mean Girls! It was incredible!

So that being said I have watched some amazing films this week as I have been working on a certain book proposal that I am submitting within the next few days (please pray for me!!!) and I was wondering if we can open up the discussion to see what films have moved you, in any way....

I will post again tomorrow about some of my favs! Enjoy!

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