Monday, August 31, 2009

Avagrace and Liam

First Avagrace...

Tonight I was cuddling with Avagrace before bed. We were just laying in my bed quietly she she looks over at me and says "Mommy, does Jesus live in your heart and in my heart?" "Well, he lives in mine because I asked Him to and when you ask Him to, as long as you really want Him to, he will. Have you asked Him to live in your heart?" No, she said. But she smiled very big and said "But I want to" "Do you want me to help you" No she said, "But will you pray with me and just listen so you know if I say it right?" Sure I smiled. "Do you want Daddy to come in and listen too?" No she giggled "just me and mommy" Ok, so we laid there for a minute but she was so serious and was acting like something was wrong. I said "what is wrong sweetie" "I am trying not to laugh she said." Why are you trying not to laugh? "Because I want to laugh and I don't know why so I am trying not to" Then I was trying not to laugh as I explained to her that Mommy has the same problem, when I get nervous, embarrassed, afraid, sad, or excited I laugh. Sometimes it is very inappropriate but it is really a response that I only recently have been able to control. I told her being excited right now was good and that she could smile and laugh. As soon as the pressure was off she relaxed and didn't feel the need to laugh anymore, she closed her eyes and very quietly asked Jesus to come and live in her heart. She finished by telling Him that she loved Him. Oh how this blessed me and I know it blessed Him to! Have you asked Jesus into your heart? Have your children? When and How I would love to know!

Ok part two of this post Liam: Today Liam Bean is 1! I cannot believe that my teeny tiny preemie baby (teeny for me) is 1 year old today! We set a gift bag on the floor for him as he was playing and instantly his super-crawler self sped over to dive into it. He pulled out his wooden toys and tasted them all :) He loved it and so did his siblings, he danced while we sang happy birthday, and then he blessed me with his first solitary and independent steps. TO ME!!! I am so happy!! Last baby's first word MAMA, Last babies first wave bye-bye while he was in my arms, Last babies first blown kiss and regular kiss to me! Last babies first steps to me! This kid is good, he sure knows how to get on my good side, lol! Oh how I love this baby and all of my beautiful babies!

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