Saturday, July 4, 2009

We got our Kicks....On RT. 66

In celebration of the United States of America's birthday we took a historic drive down rt. 66! Our Aidan, who is the future president of the United States, loves anything "American!" If he sees red, white, and blue together, he freaks! He loves this country and he loves the idea of making it better even more. He is wise beyond his years and is dedicated to 'the good ole' days' and what will be better. Our girls love to go out on 'dates' and Liam, well he just loves to be with me (yeah I had to write that, I am soaking it up while I can). Now me, I am the one who loves to find stuff to do and plan surprises, and my husband, well he loves to humor me. Ironically, he loves America too (can you believe it, an Airman that loves the U.S., HA!) So all of that said we had a fabulous day on our trip. We ate dinner at a 50's diner called POPs that has the largest Soda Pop bottle in the world in front of it. It is 66 feet tall (on rt. 66, ah ha!)

At Pops you can get soda of any flavor (no kidding there are some grosse ones like kitty piddle) and you can order a great American artery clogging cheeseburger and fries. However, this Rt. 66 American Icon is not only filled with unhealthy favorites from the past, they also have more modern healthful choices like Turkey burgers, salads, and for soda not only do they have Jones Soda (which is our families favorite) they have gluten free, fair trade, natural root soda's! We even got to see several Pennsylvanian Soda's, like the famous Kutstown Root beer! There were hundreds of flavors, brands, and concoctions. All with that bubbly fizz...And guess what my friends, you can order sodas from Pops and they will ship it world-wide!! Can you believe it??? I am so000 going to do this for a few upcoming birthday's, and yes, Pops will be shipping to Japan in about a year! Oh and even greater news, they do offer a military discount!

I highly recommend this place to anyone, it is incredibly fun! The atmosphere is clean, the people are friendly, did I say it was fun??? They really did love our kids, and for a restaurant to love a family with five little children, well that says A LOT!!!! Oh, and not to mention it is absolutely beautiful! I love the 50's and like Aidan, I an affinity for things of the past. Especially things from that past that have been lovingly redesigned, keeping what is vintage but topping it off with a crisp and clean-modern twist.

These are two of the "funny bottles" One is "Moxy, Original Elixir" and the other is "Looks like orange tastes like Grape"

So which of the fabulous soda's made it in Brendan and I's "carry-home-for-date-nights-box" Here they are in all their glory! I picked the Blue Frostie one for the love of my best friend and sister, I picked the Maine Sarsaparilla for both Tremain and the fact that I have always wanted to go to Maine, the Caribbean cream was for my lovely Jamaican husband :p and the other special one was the watermelon one because that is one of my favorite flavors so it has to be good in a soda pop right?

Just like it is fun to say, Soda Pop! For those of you wondering, I did manage to get in, and out of Pops without a drop of Cherry Coke, that is right it has been four days and counting since my last cherry coke! ah hem, and I can hear the crowd clapping *chuckles*

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