Thursday, July 2, 2009

Retreat Bound

On July 11 and 12 my husband and I get to go to a marriage retreat in Guthrie Oklahoma. I know absolutely nothing about this historical town. However, we are heading there overnight, together, in a hotel, with no children, for TWO days.

Our little ones will be with are darling Nanny, babysitter, friend. She will be here and at her home for the two days. She is fabulous with our children and we have back up in case any of them should try to 'pull the wool over her eyes'. Not that my children would ever try to get away with anything....ahem, yeah. So the kids will get a fun weekend and we will have some much needed alone time.

I am excited to have time with Bren, all to myself. I am excited to sleep without waking up to the many tears. However, I know me very well and I know that the anxiety that I have today will only build. I know that it is nice to think about the night without the children as "full of restful slumber", but thoughts are not always reality. I am just hoping that I will be able to fall asleep without worry (or the thought of my baby or little ones crying for me) and that I will be able to stay asleep (without waking up to 'check Avagrace' or feed Liam, or make sure Breya's blankets haven't come off again, or that Violet is still in her bed, or that Aidan hasn't fallen in between the bed and the wall again...and the list goes on).

I do know that I will cherish the time with Bren. I do know that the person that I am trusting my babies with is an amazing girl who really does love each and every one of my children. I do know that I will try earnestly to not talk and worry about my chilly's too much because I also know that this time together is a wonderful blessing. I also know that this is going to be a lot of fun for me and I really can't wait. I am actually planning on bringing UNO or some other fun game that we never play anymore. However, despite of all the excitement, anticipation, and pep talks, I do know that I am the mother of five amazing children, whom I haven't spent the night away from, other than while in labor and recovering. So worry is inevitable and prayers will be greatly appreciated! :)

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  1. We are going too! I can't wait for the alone time either. It has been about three years since Wes and I had a night without the children. Long overdue. I am sure that we will see eachother there. Yeah!


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