Thursday, July 23, 2009

One step closer...

Each day I work on one 'thing' that will help me to get one step closer to having my studio up and running. Some days it can be as simple as purposing to sketch one idea, or to read one inspirational blog, or even just collecting all the change I can find and placing it into my spare change jar. Other days it can be an intense cleaning, reorganization, or purge session in one room of my very full house. Yet, each and every time I do something it takes me one step closer and my heart just races with excitement and anticipation.

Today, I reorganized my bedroom. I always swore I would not have an office in my bedroom, but with such limited space I decided that the bedroom would have to do for some creative work, however I save it for the most intimate of projects. It is the very simple blog headquarters, reading center, and writing expo. Beyond that it is a wonderful and peaceful bedroom. On my desk I have a few toys that the kids have given me. It makes life a bit more fun to have toys. Although, many would think an adult with children's toys is rather odd, I think it is the highest honor to get a toy from a child. I mean think about it. Toy's are their prized possessions and for them to share one with you, it is incredible. If you are going to give someone a gift you first must trust and believe that they are going to treasure that gift. You don't give them something if you think that they will throw it away or re-gift it. So for a child to trust that you are on the same level as them, I find that to be a tremendous compliment. So in my room sits many webkinzs, several Littlest Pet Shops, and I am totally off subject right now.

So I was reorganizing my creativity center and it looks fabulous. I have a plan, a space, and I even have my eyes on THEE sewing machine that I will have very soon. Once I have her (yes I will name my sewing machine, just like my car :p) I will be only a few small steps away from listing my first round of pieces. I can't wait to get things moving for my etsy store!

But before I can get my sewing machine I need to head to Ikea, and I couldn't be more excited. It has been years since I have had the pleasure of going to an Ikea, that in itself should be illegal, HA! But yes, in two weeks I head to Texas to go to Ikea to get the furniture for the girls room, and a few kitchen wares. This will provide Gracie with a safer sleeping environment which will allow her to sleep in her own room again, instead of in our bed or on the couch with one of us. It will be very nice to have our nights back! Not to mention the girls will have a decorated storyland room and it is going to be so wonderful for them to have a truly organized, decorated, and beautiful living space.

It really is invigorating to be able to organize ones living space. It really gets those creative juices flowing.....tomorrow's project....the organizing of the school, preparing for our year of homeschooling that will start very soon!

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