Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busyness is next to Godliness....

No I don't truly believe that. A peaceful place is the best place to be. However, sometimes busyness is peaceful. Like right now I am gearing up for the next year of RE for the Tinker chapel. We have our four hour plus meeting tonight all about the calendars, budgets, agenda's etc. I have been pouring over curriculum, planning events, teachers meetings, and crafts. It is so pleasing to be doing this and I pray that it will reach so many more kids than I plan for.

Brendan and I are also at a planning/nesting phase in our marriage and family right now. Last night we hosted our first marriage study that will meet each Tuesday night. We are testing the waters as peer marriage group hosts and we had a blast. God used that time for much good. In fact I cannot wait until next Tuesday!

We are also switching out our pantry as we change our diet for our health. This involves going gluten and dairy free, and largely meat free too. BIG CHANGES!

Bren and I are also planning out our school year. We are preparing the curriculum we will use and the themes. We are ecstatic about homeschooling and cannot wait to get things into motion!

Lastly, I am preparing for Brendan's 4 days in a hotel with all 5 kids and no mama. So that I can be like a tornado and blow through this house. Cleaning, selling, donating, and SIMPLIFYING our life! This I am most excited about...I can't wait to set the date!

When I was little the big thing was spring cleaning....but now it seems like my life is centered around summer planning. A chance to rethink the previous year and the way you did things, and to then revamp it, in hopes of making the next year that much better!

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