Friday, June 19, 2009

Today we got orders!

Before I say where too, I have to say how excited we are. This is our dream base and we are thrilled. I truly believe that this is God's plan for us. However, our ability to actually accept the orders and go depends on one man. He is the man in charge of the EFMP program here at Tinker. He will give the final say. Originally he said that he never sends anyone here because they don't have any hospital services at the Navy hospital where we will be stationed. However, in looking at their website they do have a neurology center on base, they have an ER on base, and they specifically say that they take care of kids with seizures ON BASE!!! Not to mention the medicine that has finally helped Avagrace was developed in JAPAN!!! YUP Kadena HERE WE COME!!!

Our orders are for Spring, please keep us in your prayers, that the orders can go through and we can live in Japan!!!! Thanks ahead of time, this is our number one dream base, we only get three choices for his job, so we will be back to Oklahoma again but for now we would love to go to Japan!!!!

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