Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A great trip leads to my soap box...

Shopping for "health food" is so expensive!

I went to the local health food store today, and when I say local I mean 20 minutes away, but at lest we have one!!! I needed to get gluten free flours, mixes, pretzels (6 dollars for a bag that would have cost 2.50 for regular ones!!!) and some probiotics that are dairy and gluten free. I ended up spending 98 dollars and I was floored! I was also very discouraged.

Aidan and I went together because he was helping me pick out some things for Avagrace's birthday that were going to be special. Like for breakfast tomorrow we will have chocolate almond milk (Aidan picked this out tonight) and my zucchini bread. It was really nice to have time with just Aidan and I was really blessed to hear his opinion of the store. After going down the first aisle Aidan climbed into the chart which he rarely does. He is usually running, twirling, flapping, or jumping up and down aisles in the grocery stores making some annoying loud noise. But tonight he climbed into the basket and laid back taking it all in. He said "I like it hear, it is so quiet and it is playing the music from home" Instead of pop or rock and roll like most stores, or ads playing over radio and TV now like that big Blue Wal-art something or another store, classical hymns were playing in the background. "It is also soft....like not bright lights and the signs are nice colors like we see outside...it isn't full of big pictures like all over the other stores. It is just so plain, but full of the foods that look like what we should eat, not the foods that all look like candy." AMEN! Out of the mouths of babes, I tell you! I was so blessed to hear this because it was so true. I must admit that when I first started going there, it was a little too earthy for me. I was afraid that only hippies who didn't believe in deodorant or shaving would be allowed in. HA! But he had such a point. The store smelled of herbs, mostly lavender. And the whole place was cool and relaxing. When I go to the other stores I will get so stressed. While shopping here I am not free from stress as I am scrutinizing each and every brand and ingredient, but at least I am not being bombarded with more ads at every sound, sight, or conversation. Not to mention, color therapists were not hired to choose the colors most likely to encourage me to spend more money! I enjoyed hearing the description from my sensory child and was thankful that places like this do exist! For me and my darling son!

We are determined to bring our Gracie through this epilepsy and do whatever it takes to prevent her from having seizures and having to live her life on mind-altering drugs. We are also doing whatever it takes to help Violet with her refluxing kidneys, Aido with his Sensory Integration Dysfunction/Aspergers mess, and me with my whacked auto-immune whatever...(ahem) We have enlisted the advice of some of the most knowledgeable people in the fields of immunology, neurology, and nutrition, as well as advice from a DAN! doctor, other parents who have "been here done that" and research and expertise from my sister and myself. It all boils down to this, you are what you eat and eating is for health and vitality, so what you are eating better be right! Yes there are genetics and reasons for illness/disease. God made us perfect, sin messed us up. However, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and whatever we put into our temple definitely matters. Everything we eat is either a good choice or a bad choice. Americans will say "oh this is ok, or this is better than this, or this is only a little bit bad" But no sin is worse than the other. Sin is sin. There is not gray area in sin. The same goes with food. It is either life giving, or life taking. I personally do not want to give my child something to fuel their body that is life taking! Even if it costs 2 to 3 times as much! I will make it a point to learn how to cook like a master, the foods that we love in a healthy way. I will also make it a point to continue to fight for government change!

It is a sad country that mass produces more food than can be consumed. To the point that food is wasted daily by passing it's eat by or sell by dates in the stores, molding in the store-houses, or being thrown out by the restaurants at close of business. This process has also become a mentality in the home by shopping for and buying more food than one family can consume and storing it as well. The most expensive food is the food that we throw away.

Regardless of your location the lifestyle of going to market first thing in the morning to buy your food for the day is not the American way. You may be able to do this if you are in a sustainable area but even then you are not likely to be able to do it everyday for every need/ingredient. Farmers are not typically able to make a proper living by producing foods just for the local families. Moreover, if farmers choose to farm organically it is even harder for them to survive. Add allergen precautions into the mix and the challenges rise tremendously, especially for grain farmers and mills. All this adds up to time, and of course MONEY.

But what is the healthiest way to eat? Well this is a cause for great controversy but the proof is in research, science, chemistry, biology, nutritional analysis, and personal testimonies. Wheat free, Dairy Free, Meat Free, Minimally processed, ORGANIC food. But many of you will say, "if this is the best way to eat why doesn't the food guide pyramid or my doctor tell me to eat that way?" Good question.

I will start by referring you to the beginning of the post. COST, the FDA is a government run program. The government is responsible for and dependent upon a strong economy. Our economy is an industrial/computer economy that peaks on efficiency, mass production and supply and demand. The doctors are governed by the FDA on what prescriptions and advice they can give. Drug company's are also part of big government. The FDA is not going to approve something that is in direct contrast to "the way things are done." 70% of America's grain harvest goes to cattle so that we can eat the cattle and drink milk. If all of America suddenly stopped eating meat because the FDA admitted how horrible it was for your digestive system which by the way is your immune system command center, and your heart, they would have to totally rework an entire industry. Then what would they do with all those cows? Besides, if all the Americans stopped eating meat and their guts cleared out and their immune systems were stronger, and nobody suffered from high cholesterol (which is only found in animal products and fried foods) what would the billion dollar drug company's do?

So at the cost of the government my family and I will have to pay so much more money to live healthy. I just wish that the health food companies would start packaging their items in bulk/family sizes too for big families like mine that want to eat the right way!

Some books I recommend on this topic.

GREEN FOR LIFE!!! This is the best one.

Louder Than Words, Ok this ties for the best one!

Skinny B**** but I have to say, the fowel language in this book is horrible and really bothered me. But their research is sound, true, and it is put together so nicely in plain simple terms. If this is an issue for you, have someone mark out the bad words with a sharpie or do it yourself if you can. This is what I did, so that I can share the book with others appropriately!

The Fungus Link

Healing Autism

There are more, but these are my top five!

I would love to know what my readers think about this topic, especially if you have any great recipes. Please leave a post!

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