Thursday, June 18, 2009

A birthday Spencer style?!?!?!

Avagrace is now five years old! Her birthday was yesterday and it was such a very spencer-ish day. The best part came in the morning when I told Avagrace that it was her birthday and that I was so happy to give her a special day. I told her she was now a big five year old and would get to learn how to read this year, if she really wanted to and didn't give up even if it was hard. She was excited but a few minutes later she came to me and said, but I am a little bit four still. I am not five until my birthday. So I smiled and reassured her that it was her birthday. She countered with "but my friends aren't here, I am not five till my friends get here." Oh, no silly, today is your birthday but we are having your party on Saturday because it isn't a work day. Today is a weekday and so people work. "But aren't birthday's holidays, why is daddy at work." I laughed and explained that it was somebodies birthday every day of the year so we take holidays for other things and we all celebrate our birthdays our own way. Like how Aidan has a Mario party coming up, while Violet just had a Pet Shop party, and that her party was going to be a mermaid party. Birthdays are special days, but not holidays. "But I am not five until I blow out the candles..." No sweetie, I said, you are five, and just as inquisitive as your daddy. And with that she skipped away....LOL!

So for Avagrace's birthday we had chocolate almond milk for breakfast, with zucchini bread (homemade by me and a favorite we share!). We had chicken nuggets with spinach salad for lunch, and for dinner Daddy got her Chinese, her fav! We then sang happy birthday, let her call all of her family, and opened a few choice presents. We gave her two of ours (we have a three gift rule for each holiday, although sometimes it is one depending on cost) and then her presents from Aunt Steffie, Nona and Grampy, Grammy, and Nanny and Poppy. She had a wonderful day!

Bren and I both worked yesterday and my poor husband has been exhibiting weird symptoms. He thought maybe it was a whole slew of things, primary concern: Heat exhaustion. With temps reaching over 100 here regularly and sometimes as high as 115 it is a common condition. However, after hydrating and resting it didn't seem to go away. As I got all snuggled into my bed, ready to type up an awesome blog entitled "five years ago today" Bren jumped outta bed in a half sleep just freaking out...So into the ER we went. Finally after many tests and several hours the diagnosis was anxiety.

Aside from Bren's ailments I have come down with strept throat again. This is the fourth time since January when I got my tonsils out!!!

Thanks to our dear friends the "W" family we were able to go to the DR. kid free and rest up from our night of no sleep. So we are now all home under one roof and enjoying the new birthday toys. Check out my blog tomorrow for a picture of Avacake with her prized present, the newest addition to our family "Mari." I will also tell you what that is short for :)

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