Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Market, To Market...

To Market, To Market, To buy a fat pig....well ok I am not buying a pig but I do wish I was going to market. Instead of a pig I want everything. No not everything, just a lot of things from the Ikea market. Have you ever been to Ikea? Unfortunately I am in the desert of Ikea's and I am going through total Ikea withdraw. I want nothing more than a huge gift card, LOL, and a day to just roam the Ikea utopia! I love their Swedish/Scandinavian accents and their fun artsy pieces. Everything in Ikea just screams Virginia. Hopefully, when Brendan gets back I will be able to drive the 3.5 hours to the store, BY MYSELF, not that I don't like my family but I so want to get lost in the store and soak every second in. Wow, I sound ill, LOL.

Othere designers that inspire me like this are Anna Maria Horner fabrics. If you haven't seen her designs yet check them out here, I so wish that I could have the dress that the girl is wearing on her front page. I also wish I could have a stack of fat quarters of each and every one of her fabrics to design my home and blankets for the military kiddos!

I am also inspired by Dr. Bill Gothard. He is an amazing pastor, I get his IBLP daily email devotionals and I love them. If you are interested you can sign up for them here: I look forward to them each morning. I hope to meet him one day and I can't wait to begin the character lessons with my family from the ATI, founded by him as well. In June Bren and I are going to the Basic Seminar here in OKC, I can't wait. I am looking forward to it as if it were a vacation.

Have you ever noticed that you can also be inspired by things that are not fun, good, or enjoyable? Right now we are going through a tough time in our family. Breya has tumors, Violet has Kidney trouble, Avagrace has epilepsy/seizure disorder, and Aidan has quite a bit going on that cannot be explained in just one word. However, it is these trials that have inspired me to look at my life differently, refocus my attention in different areas, and to truly step out and try to grasp my dreams. I do hope and pray that I will be a successful freelance writer very soon, as I also hope to be a published author and small-time artist. I feel like God has put Bren and I at this crossroad where we are being asked to choose a path that is straight and incredibly narrow, or a path that is wide open and bendy. Which would you choose? I am not going to lie to you. The straight and narrow definitely looks to be more difficult. It is not as open and sunny. It is not as free and it harder to see what is ahead. However, I know which one God tells us to choose, Now we just have to link arms, hands, and hearts, and step out-together- May god please bless my husband with a renewed zest for living life fully and abundantly under the yoke of Christ! And, may he bless me with a renewed humility to move freely about as his helpmeet and friend!

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