Thursday, May 7, 2009

A tale of two bugs...

So today (that must be my favorite way to start off a blog, *smiles). Anywho, ( i like that word too, but ok I will stop with the side notes, ha! However, this feels like a blog for word creation!). Earlier today Violet comes running from the playroom in a squiggily, squirm-ish fashion. She was groaning, and fussing a bit but clearly on a mission. She had her fist clenched and held out in front of her and I just knew what it was...DUN, DUN, DUN THE RETURN OF BUG GIRL, CATCHER OF THE YEAR! LOL, ok I am in a cheesy mood I suppose. She was making a bee line to the trash can to dispose of whatever bug invade her and her indoor-bug-a-phobic siblings' playroom. That is right, indoor-bug-a-phobic, my new word. It means children who are interested by bugs outside (as long as they are not fliers) but are scared of any bug inside the house including the tiniest scavenger ant: indoor-bug-a-phobic. Violet did this last year. She would catch crickets and as they jumped in her clenched fist and she would freak out but she wouldn't put it down. She would squeal and yell and beg us to open the door for her because she could not quite reach it yet. Our solution to her turmoil was to teach her to throw it into the toilet or the trash can. So now that the bugs are coming in, she is back at it. Our huge concern with this practice is the poisonous spiders of Oklahoma. We taught her not to touch spiders last year so I suppose a refresher course is needed.

On another note, Avagrace found a beetle today. Outside of course, because she was very enthralled with it. She excitedly told me that the beetle was tickily and she loved to hold it. It was also shiny and she wished it could be her pet. Um, that would be a No, but it did make me smile. Especially the tickily part!

Liam is suffering, and I mean making mama suffer too, with a double ear infection in one ear and a severe ear infection in the other. He has been up crying two nights in a row and I have been up walking, singing, and doing the baby dance. So whilst it is quiet in this room of mine, I will end my daily blog for a chance to shower and maybe catch a few zzzzz's before night duty begins. How many days until this deployment is over?????

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