Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He said it, I win!!

The anticipation of the first time hearing one of your children utter your name is especially strong with your first, and your last baby. My little Liam Bean is growing up so quickly. I find myself holding him a little longer, smelling him a little deeper, and thanking God for each and every baby moment I have with him. I feel that with him, baby number five, more than any of my other children I have been able to appreciate the fact that time is of the essence and all of this is fleeting. So while I enjoy each and every second that my little bean will allow me to snuggle him I must now brag!

With Liam, more than any other, I also had a keen interest in what his first word would be. I also had an utmost desire that it would be to call me. Avagrace was the only other baby that I can distinctly remember the first time that she called for me. It was also the first time she ever said MaMa so it was that much more special! I strongly desired this with Liam and at every opportunity I have been saying MaMaMaMa over and over and over to his sweet little ears.

Yesterday he surprised me with a glorious rendition of tears followed by arms outstretched and the best sound he has ever made....MaMaMaMa he called. And of course I cheered and picked him up and held him a little longer!

Oh how I love these days, my beautiful babies, my lovely family, God is so good!

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  1. That is so cute! I know what you mean about the last one. I was the same way with Nolan. I tried to really enjoy all of it because we knew that he was going to be the last one.


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