Monday, May 4, 2009


Today marked a very important step in my plan for accomplishing my dreams. I sent three articles to an editor and Co-Founder of a great magazine. She requested my work and I have been diligently editing and choosing my three favorite pieces that would target her readers. I finally made my choices and sent them off with prayer. The opportunity to do freelance writing from home is so exciting to me, I wasn't going to announce this step but, I can barely contain my joy and excitement. I thank you for your support and who knows, maybe you will see my name in a printed by-line very soon!

I had a great day chatting with a fellow military spouse, and fellow radar shop wife. We got to relax during naptime and laugh about the crazy life we live. It was also great to hear that we have had many of the same struggles when it comes to adjusting to the military spouse lifestyle. She gave me great inspiration for my Air Force spouse writings! Stay tuned.... :)

On another note, Aidan got his glasses today and they are so adorable. He was meant for glasses! They just fit him so perfectly. He wanted red ones, that was his only requirement. Well they are red alright, and very stylish. He always has had a great fashion sense about him! It is the Russell in him!

My living room is also one step closer to being complete. I should be finished tomorrow and will try to post pictures. However, I can't post too many because it is a surprise for Bren for when he gets home.

Well, it is off to bed for me. Have sweet dreams everyone!

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