Sunday, May 17, 2009

For the Love of Roly Poly's

As with every Sunday we started our morning off in Sunday school at the base chapel where I work. The building is old and seems to be a wonderful breeding ground for my children's favorite insect...the roly poly also known as pill bugs or Isopods. My children just love them, and actually I remember loving them as a child too. I had a book about roly poly something...Stef do you remember this, it was a little golden book...I will have to check if I still have it....anyway. They love the way they crawl all over them, and tickle them, and roll up for protection. They call them cute, and giggle and laugh, and will actually argue over who gets to hold them next. These little things are one of God's blessings, and I like to think that they are especially for my children who appreciate them so much.

Shortly after our arrival Avagrace came skipping gleefully toward me with her new roly poly. It was "the cutest roly poly she ever did see" and she wanted to keep it. I let her know that if we kept it it would die and so she could keep it with her while we were there and then before getting in our van to go home she would need to release it into the 'wild'. She begrudgingly obliged. During Sunday school we had our finale party to end the year with an extra dose of fun and celebration. We were painting butterflies and eating cheerio trailmix. about 20 minutes into the class Avagrace looked up with very sad eyes "I lost my pet roly poly mama!" First of all, it is a sad day when she says mama because that is only a word she uses when she is really unhappy. Secondly, where did that pill bug go? Hopefully not in her mouth with snack...ugh. If it did it would be 'protein' as my grandfather would say, HA!

Then when I picked Violet up from her wee-church class she had a dead roly poly that she said was sleeping. She held onto it until we got home and at lunch time I asked her to take it outside. She turned around and slipped on Breya's blanket and her hand landed in the dogs bowl. "Mommy it is in there, Winston and Lalicity (aka Felicity) are gonna eat it. Please find it." So I went foraging through the dog food bowl, that was of course just filled up, to find a tiny, deceased roly poly. Fortunately for me I could pretend it was a crumb since it was my ever so trusting Violet.

Now I have been contemplating trying to keep roly poly's alive for a few days in one of those lady bugs houses. Maybe this will be a great summer home school exploration....the study of Isopods! Here is a picture of my children's little loves just for good measure!

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