Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Blog A Day Keeps The Sandman Away!

A blog a day keeps the writer in me alive! At least this is my hope. Although I must admit that tonight I am feeling rather drained of creative juices. I am in Sunday night mode. Tomorrow starts another week and a rather important one at that. I have a ton of deadlines, meetings, and responsibilities at work and I am still without a babysitter. I also have some writing deadlines and I can't seem to feel confident enough in any of my articles to send them on.

On the other hand I had a great day at church, followed by a productive day in my home with the help of Lindsay and Joe and it seems that I just might get this house in order before Bren gets home, after all! This is my hope! So tomorrow I finish up loose ends in the play room and living room, I work harder on finding a sitter, and I get to work on work. Then Thursday I can start on the office!!!! I cannot wait for this task! I might actually have a studio by this time next week!

So with that I will ask you dear reader a question. What would you like to read from me? What articles would you like to read in a military spouse magazine? What articles would you like to read in a family magazine? Please help me out with some ideas!!!! Thanks so much!

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