Monday, April 27, 2009

To Be Inspired!

To be inspired is one of the best feelings that a person can feel. Next to the amazing feeling of love, purpose and connectedness to Jesus Christ Himself, I live for inspiration. Inspiration from God, my kids, books, God's creation, my fabulous husband, and the crazy yet wonderful thing called life!

I love to put that inspiration into writing, into pictures, into scrapbooks, and into projects for my home. Those projects can be presents for my family, or pictures for my walls. They can be a blog on this fabulous website. They can also be things that I do with my kids or my Sunday school kids or the kids of a party that we have at our house. As of late my newest love and inspiration is fabric and the art of sewing and quilting coupled with an obsession with ribbon and making beautiful hair bows for my three little princesses. An inspirational partner to the fabric is my dear friend Lindsey, who loves to quilt. She is currently making her hope chest for she and her husband's future baby. In making that she has chosen to make a couple Winne-the-Pooh quilts. I have also stumbled across an amazing blog that I absolutely love to check in on everyday called This mix of inspiration has re-ignited the fire that use to burn within me to sew my own clothes for my children as well as making them their own quilts by hand. I thought that this would be so lovely and such an amazing gift to give to my kids but I never quite had the courage nor interest in making time to do such a thing. Well all of that is about to change! I am setting out on a sewing, "boutique-ing" journey (our family boutique will be at etsy and the name is of course seven swans a swimming). I am starting projects and looking forward to the next year as a way to lay the foundation for becoming who I really want to be. An amazing Christ-following, at-home, homeschooling-mom, who just so happens to be an artist and an author!

Along with this as a desire for myself I look forward to teaching my children all about the connection between ones heart and the work of ones hands. And for you the best part is that all you are all invited to come along for the ride. I will post about the different projects we are doing, the thoughts on my mind, and the life of these seven swans!

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