Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas ~ 7 Swans Style

Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Every creature was stirring and jumping on the couch.
The mommy was working on the annual Christmas letter,
In hopes of sending it before the end of December.
The Daddy was trying to nap like a kitten,
But the kids were jumping on him without quit'in.
Then mommy yelled at the top of her lungs,
“Off to bed everyone, I must get this done!”
Then daddy was happy for quiet was in sight,
When Virginia remembered “you must study tonight.”
“Ugh” he grumbled and then off in a hurry,
To the office he went in a leisurely flurry.
For promotion he tests in may of 09,
It’s coming up fast but the stripe would be fine!
The kids were now sleeping without shedding a tear,
They were dreaming of things that they have done this past year.
Aidan remembers that he learned how to swim,
In the waters of Jamaica, with lots of his kin.
Avagrace started pre-k with two really cool teachas’,
She is conquering her shyness and can say nice to meet ya’s!
Violey our smiley, she wants to be a mommy,
She had broken bones, ear tubes, and a tonsillec-tomy.
Breya is so sassy and full of such fire,
She is probably dreaming of ruling an empire!
Liam the bean was born 8 weeks early,
Everything he wants must come in a hurry.
To eat and be held is all he asks,
And trust me he keeps us on his wanting tasks!
Winston is sleeping on Aidan’s down bed
Then daddy tells him “Get down or you’re dead”
Virginia tells him he is being too mean
Leave the dog alone, it is time to come clean!
“Clean you say, what is that?” he laughs
Lets finish this letter, we’ve done 50 drafts!
“Tell them, still at the chapel you toil
The contract was extended because you’re so loyal”
“And in February we get to travel back east”
The Spencer’s have blessed us; we’ll board the flying beast!
“And don’t forget our plan for July-
I drop you and the kids off” he says with a sigh
“Six summer-weeks home is our current goal
You and the kids will have family-time to dole!
And in Stef and Andie’s weddings you’ll be
you just can’t miss them, it’s important I see!
But hurry let’s finish our Christmas letter,
Our readers are tired and it can’t get much better!”
with a proud smirk he left to go do the dishes
at my laptop I’m left, with just a few wishes.
Breya, our bug, has a few tumors,
The Doc’s don’t know why, at this point just rumors.
Oklahoma has brought us many great friends,
But, home is where Us, the Air Force does send!
Excitedly, it is time for some moving orders,
To continue Bren’s career and to see new borders!
Japan is our dream from those that are possible,
It would be a great season, living far away is unstoppable!
So to end this letter we really must say,
Thank you God for the blessings you’ve sent us each day!
We love you all dearly and hope you are splendid,
May the Lord bless you and keep you all mended!
We hope you’ve enjoyed, our silly tune,
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope to see you soon!

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